2.5" display

The 2.5" black/white display has easy push-button navigation and can show a large amount of different data from one engine, including optional trip computer information. Intuitive navigation and the “My View” option make it very easy to customize information. Optional sensors can provide more data.

Easy to navigate
The 2.5" display can be top or flush mounted and is very easy to navigate with backlit push buttons.
The following data is available in the 2.5" display. The software and sensors you choose to install will determine what data can be received and displayed.

  • RPM
  • Engine hours
  • Coolant temperature
  • Voltage
  • Turbo pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Warnings and alarms
  • Trim position
  • Depth*
  • Surface water temperature*
  • Speed through water*
  • Water tank level*
  • Fuel tank level*

* Requires extra sensor.

Trip computer software
As an extra option, in addition to the 2.5" display, this software will make trip computer functions available for your engine. The additional data available is:

  • Instant fuel rate (volume/hour)
  •  Trip fuel
  • Instant fuel consumption (volume/hour)
  • Fuel economy (volume/distance)*
  •  Average fuel consumption
  • Trip distance
  • Estimated remaining distance*
  • Average fuel rate
  • Trip time

* Requires extra sensor

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