Joystick Docking

With the Volvo Penta IPS Joystick, maneuvering is completely intuitive, the driver just pushes or rotates the joystick in the desired direction and the boat responds: forward, reverse, sideways, or spins on its own axis. The Volvo Penta IPS Joystick uses the engine and drive units in programmed synchronization to perform any maneuver the operator desires.

Simple and logical
Forget complicated shift, throttle and steering wheel combinations in close quarter maneuvering. Simply move the joystick in the direction you want your boat to move.

Easy to install
The joystick is easy to install – also as a retrofit – in any Volvo Penta IPS-powered boat. Splashproof design and up to four helm stations give maximum flexibility.

How does it work?
The secret behind the amazing moves is the Volvo Penta IPS system with its individually steerable drive units. Sophisticated and specially developed software in the EVC system transforms the driver's joystick movements into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions. The boat moves exactly according to the driver's intentions.

Push the joystick to port or starboard and your boat goes sideways. Even "impossible" berths are now accessible.

Twist the top to rotate. Combine it with any other move to compensate for wind or current.

You can do all your slow-speed driving easier than the traditional way in any direction!

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