The Tow Mode for diesel and gasoline Aquamatic engines makes tubing, wake boarding and waterskiing easier, safer and more fun! The Tow Mode automatically accelerates to your pre-set engine speed and maintains that speed for maximum water sport fun.

Easy to install
The Tow Mode is an easily installed software for Volvo Penta diesel and gasoline Aquamatic with EVC in single installation. The main benefit of the Tow Mode is that you can set maximum engine rpm to avoid going too fast.

Easy to operate
With the EVC control panel you preset maximum engine rpm. When you give full throttle, the engine accelerates at its peak, but does not go above your preset rpm. With changing load, i.e. the skier turns sharply, the system quickly compensates so that the engine maintains the pre set rpm. To adjust the speed, the driver simply pushes the buttons on the EVC panel.

A Volvo Penta EVC accessory
The Tow Mode is one of several smart EVC accessories that make boating easier and more environmentally friendly. Developed, designed and serviced by Volvo Penta, all EVC accessories are perfectly matched with your Volvo Penta engine.

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