Automatic boat trim system

Get the best possible ride and minimal fuel consumption with this fast-acting interceptor trim system that automatically gives your boat the correct trim angle.

Joystick driving

A smart, new solution for intuitive driving – push and rotate the joystick for precise steering at all speeds.

Cruise control

With fingertip control of your engine rpm, you can fine-tune your boat's speed for best possible fuel economy and comfort.

Low-Speed mode

Reduces boat speed at idling by 50% from 5–6 knots to 2–3 knots. Integrated in the control. Perfect when you're driving in marinas and canals.

Dynamic positioning system

Lets you hold and keep your boat's position and heading within a very limited area. Perfect when you're preparing for docking or waiting for refueling.

Sportfish mode

Makes it possible for you to rapidly turn your boat around its own axis – and follow the fish at high speed in reverse, using only the engine controls.

Joystick docking

The essence of easy boating: fingertip handling with perfect precision makes docking and close-quarter maneuvering simple, even fun.

Tow mode for watersports

Limits your boat's speed to your preset maximum rpm. Maintains the set speed and compensates for any changes in load, for maximum water sport fun.

Powertrim assistant

Gives you best possible drive trim – fully automatically – for perfect running attitude. Results in optimum performance and low fuel consumption.

Trip computer

Get trip computer functionality with information about fuel consumption, distance to empty, trip time and much more.

Single-lever mode

Operate twin, triple or quad engines with only one lever. Gives you easy control over speed even in rough seas.

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