It's all about the handling. Steering your boat should be a pleasurable, comfortable task. A task that, in no way, should be made difficult by cumbersome placement or rough handles. Volvo Penta's side-mounted and top-mounted controls manages it all and also offers a lot of extra functions and add-on features. All Volvo Penta controls are ergonomic and have a solid feel to them, all to make hours behind the wheel or the joystick as easy as possible and provide that luxurious feeling of easy boating.

And of course the controls should be pleasing to look at. Therefore Volvo Penta has employed the same design language for all controls as for the popular joystick. All controls are also fitted with integrated buttons and additional controls – all within easy reach. All to make your steering experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. With just a single press of a button you'll be able to engage and fine-tune several add-on features that will further enhance the boating experience, directly from your side-mounted or top-mounted single or twin controls.

Cruise Control
The Cruise Control feature allows you to fine-tune your speed without manually having to adjust the throttle. This provides a steady, desired speed, increases comfort and lowers fuel consumption.

Single Lever Mode
For the easiest way to achieve smooth driving. With the Single Lever Mode you'll be able to control up to four engines with just one lever thus making the speed and power steady no matter the conditions, making it possible for you to focus fully on steering.

Powertrim Assistant
By engaging the Powertrim Assistant the boat's drive is automatically trimmed to get you on the plane as fast as possible. At higher speed the drive is trimmed out resulting in optimized performance, improved visibility, lowered fuel consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions. Available for Aquamatic sterndrive only.

Low-speed mode
The Low-speed mode reduces your idling speed by 50% giving you more time for maneuvers and corrections. The feature adds considerable safety and control, perfect when driving in tight marinas and narrow canals.

Tow mode
Set your preferred maximum rpm, and you'll enjoy perfect speed every time. When you give full throttle you never supersede the desired speed and the system automatically compensates for extra load, like when making sharp turns when water-skiing.

Top-mounted for IPS, Aquamatic sterndrive and Inboard

Side-mounted for Inboard and Aquamatic sterndrive

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