Cruise Control

The Cruise control lets you find, and keep, your perfect cruising speed quick and easy – and get a more comfortable ride at sea.

Fine-tune your speed at sea
With the Cruise control, you can set a specific speed for your boat, without having to manually adjust the throttle in order to maintain the desired speed. You can then easily fine-tune the speed. Just put your palm on the control head and adjust engine speed with the tip of your fingers. The Cruise control deactivates direct on throttle movement.

Increased safety and optimized fuel efficiencyThe Cruise control makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune engine speed in rough and windy conditions which makes the drive safe and steady. In crowded marinas and narrow passages you can also make very small adjustments of your boat's speed with fingertip control.

When in use, the Cruise control offers a higher rate of fuel efficiency. The Cruise control is also a perfect match for the Low-speed mode.

EVC AccessoriesSmart accessories that make boating simpler and more environmentally friendly. Plug-in installation of instruments, active monitoring and troubleshooting, engine data in the chart plotter and the ability to upgrade the boat's functions at a later date. It's quick and easy to install Volvo Penta EVC Accessories in a boat equipped with Volvo Penta EVC. These are some of the options available with Volvo Penta's electronic platform, EVC.

• Fingertip control
• Fine tune the speed
• Optimize fuel efficiency
• Deactivates on throttle movement
• Perfect match with EVC Low-speed mode

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