Joystick driving

With the new Joystick Driving from Volvo Penta you can forget about uncomfortable positions and badly placed steering wheels and controls. Lean back in your seat and steer your boat with a minimum of effort – at top speed or while cruising.

Easy and intuitive. Ergonomical and with a minimum of effort. In 2005, Volvo Penta introduced the revolutionary Joystick Docking function where the boat, thanks to individually moveable drives, can be maneuvered in any direction, making docking both easier and safer. This year, Volvo Penta has taken the technology a step further and can now present Joystick Driving and Autopilot – two features that help make life at sea both easier and more fun.

The placement of the joystick makes uncomfortable positions and demanding steering sessions a thing of the past. With the simple press of a button on the joystick, the function is engaged and you can lean back and steer with one hand – no matter the speed – with perfect response. The maneuvering will be exact and precise, and you can easily change the set course on the Autopilot by the slightest turn of the joystick. The Joystick Driving feature requires installation of the Autopilot feature.

The Joystick Driving and Autopilot features are part of Volvo Penta’s electronic platform, EVC (Electronic Vessel Control). The new EVC generation, EVC-E, enables easier installation combined with time- and fuel-saving add-on features. EVC-E is a comprehensive system for all the boat’s engines – one system, one manufacturer, one way of installation and one single contact for all service matters, locally as well as globally.

Download Joystick Driving pdf


Steer your boat at all speeds with the joystick. You can also fine-tune the course on the integrated Autopilot.


Steer the boat and control the Autopilot with the Joystick. 1: Course adjustment. 2: Steering. 3: Joystick driving on/off.

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