Low-Speed Mode

With the Low-speed mode for diesel Volvo Penta IPS and inboard shaft installations (D3-D13) you can control your boat from almost standstill up to full speed with the same lever. This will help you during docking in tight marinas, when you are trying to catch the big fish or when you are driving in inland waterways. With this function you control the boat's speed with the throttle/gear lever. In the first 12 degrees of the lever movement after engaging the gear, the engine will remain at idle and the boat's speed is reduced by a slip in the transmission. The slip is from 50% to full engagement and when you push the lever further, the gearbox is fully engaged. The throttle is increased and you can control the speed with the engine rpm.

The main benefits of the Low-speed mode

  • Full drivability and increased operator control at reduced boat speed.
  • More time for maneuvers and corrections.
  • Focus on operating and maneuvering.
  • Takes out the stress factor when docking operating in tight spaces.
  • Considerate to the surrounding environment.

Adjust the angles and slip
Your Volvo Penta dealer can, using a Vodia tool, help you adjust both angles where you control the clutch and the slip reduction from minimum 25% to maximum 75%. This function gives you improved maneuverability, through low speed, controlled with one lever.

A Volvo Penta EVC accessory
Low-speed Mode is one of several smart EVC accessories that make boating easier and more environmentally friendly. Developed, designed and serviced by Volvo Penta, all EVC accessories are perfectly matched with your Volvo Penta engine.

The Low-speed mode is integrated in the standard controls and gives smooth control from very low speed to full speed.

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