Extra alternator

A correctly dimensioned electrical system contributes to comfortable and problem-free boat ownership. Therefore, batteries must be charged to the correct capacity, i.e. to supply the correct number of ampere hours (Ah). In turn, this requires an alternator that supplies a sufficient charge to the batteries. Insufficiently dimensioned, oxidized or badly connected cables, incorrect main switch, etc., lead to current leakage and insufficient charging. In other words, there is every reason to examine the electrical systems and, if necessary, improve it to attain the benefits of maximum battery capacity.

Today's boats are equipped with more and more electrically powered accessories for both comfort and safety. Lighting, radio transmitters, TV, stereo equipment, fans, heating, etc., drain battery power. As the charging of batteries takes a relatively long time, an extra charge alternator and an extra battery are good investments.

The Volvo Penta alternators range from 60A/12V to 140A/24V. They are adapted to the capacity of each engine to ensure efficient charging regardless of engine speed.

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