Volvo Penta IPS is highly suited for sport fishing. The stern is unobstructed and the propellers are located under the hull where the risk of the line becoming entangled is minimal. For this, Volvo Penta has developed a function especially for deep sea sport fishing: the Sportfish mode.

Follow the fish
The driver of a sport fishing boat hunting for large fish such as tuna or swordfish wants to be able to follow the fish so that the boat's stern is always facing the fish. This avoids the risk of the line getting entangled in the boat. This type of boat always has two engines and the driver maneuvers the vessel solely with the controls, not using the steering wheel.

Volvo Penta IPS features individually steerable drive units that are operated electrically. In Sportfish mode the drive units are directed outward to the very maximum, giving outstanding maneuverability. When the driver operates one engine forward and the other in reverse, the torque is many times as great as when the propellers face backwards – which they always do with conventional inboard engines.

Single-lever mode
By allowing twin engines to be controlled with one lever, the Single-lever mode makes maneuvering more secure and comfortable. The Single-lever mode is included in the Sportfish mode software.

Clear wake exhaust system
The Clear wake exhaust system provides calm and quiet conditions at idling and low speed, thus enabling the angler see the bait at all times. This option is turned on and off using the Sportfish mode panel. Available for Volvo Penta IPS800–1200.

A. The pods are locked toe-out.
B. Easy to follow the fish, and bring home the catch!

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